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Wouldn't it be great if you could keep 100% of your commission? Well, that's possible at Keller Williams. When estate agents reach that pinnacle of success at Keller Williams, we call them cappers. Cappers get to keep all the commissions after franchise fees on all their sales the remainder of the year during which they cap. Now, wouldn't it be even greater if a seasoned property professional could coach you to become a capper? At KW Eden, we recently appointed a Productivity Coach to help our associates achieve that.

Welcome to Jaco de Lange, KW Eden's Productivity Coach

We are extremely pleased to announce that Jaco de Lange recently joined the leadership group of KW Eden in George. Jaco is a very experienced estate agent with more than 16 years' experience.

Jaco completed his Teachers Training certificate at the Bloemfontein Teachers Training College in 1981. After that, he enrolled in other degrees part-time at Kovsies. Jaco is a History boffin with a keen interest in the Anglo Boer War. He would like to complete his doctoral in History when time allows for it in future.

Jaco was a teacher for 17 years at various schools in the Free State. An entrepreneur at heart, he left Teaching in 1997 to open a stationery business. He ran the franchise business until 2002.

He is a very experienced property professional

Jaco became involved in the property sector in 2002, which was at the start of a property boom in South Africa.

He says, “I enjoyed interacting with clients very much. I decided to open my own property business in 2005. In 2006 I became involved with the Institute of Estate Agents of South Africa. I was the chairman of the Free State/Northern Cape region until 2011. During this time I met various role players. In 2008 I became the franchisee of Rawson Properties in Bloemfontein. Before moving to George recently, I sold this business with 15 agents as part of the franchise. I have the Professional Practitioner Real Estate (PPRE) as well as the Master Practitioner in Real Estate (MPRE) qualifications. I qualified as member of the Council of Real Estate Brokerage Managers (CRB), and I completed the Transnational Referral Certification (CRB). I am also a qualified Auctioneer.”

He continues, “Over the past 16 years I have learned that every client, every transaction, every estate agent is unique. There is not a “one size fits all”-solution to any deal. I have sold freehold properties, sectional title, smallholdings, commercial properties and farms. It is a big advantage for estate agents to find a niche market and to concentrate on that section of the property market.

This is the level of experience associates in Jaco's coaching program can look forward to. How could that level of expertise benefit your budding real estate business?

Joining Keller Williams

Jaco was fortunate enough to meet Gary Keller himself at the National Association of Realtors Convention in 2013.

He says, “I observed that a number of property professionals whom I held in high esteem recently joined Keller Williams SA. After deciding to relocate to George, I investigated various estate agencies in the Garden Route. Everything pointed me towards Keller Williams. I am looking forward to using the fantastic systems developed by KW. I'm also excited to employ the good infrastructure to benefit our associates. In turn, this will result in better service and results for our clients.”

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Helping agents earn more

Jaco has extensive experience in the property market as principal agent during boom times as well as difficult market conditions. He says, “I have the opportunity to share my experience with the associates in the KW Eden coaching program. I will assist associates and their businesses. Associates will receive my support with training, contracts, negotiating and advice. My job is to help them cap as soon as possible. I am very proactive and I have a positive attitude. We will explore all valid avenues to make their deals work!”

As Productivity Coach, Jaco will offer tremendous value to KW Eden's associates. He says, “I trained many agents to comply with the qualification criteria of the EAAB the last few years. I helped agents in my agency to reach their goals. Being the Productivity Coach here at KW Eden is a natural progression of what I have been doing the past 16 years. The fantastic systems, training and technology will ensure our associates take their businesses to the next level.”

Family man

Jaco is married to Jakkie who has been a teacher for the past 36 years. They have two sons. The eldest is a pilot in Indonesia and their younger son is a teacher in Durbanville.

Jaco is an active golfer. He says, “I am looking forward to playing a 4-ball at the George Golf Club. Our family frequently take our tents and go camping, We cannot wait to start exploring this beautiful Eden region.”

Success motto

Jaco has a simple, yet powerful business philosophy.

“To be successful, know what you are doing, love what you are doing and and believe in what you are doing.”

Need a coach?

Do you want to explore what an experienced Productivity Coach like Jaco can do for your property business? To arrange a confidential, free business consultation, click here now.


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