Welcome to our new Team Leader, Celeste Burgess

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To properly describe Celeste Burgess, the newly-appointed Team Leader of KW Eden, to another person is impossible, but you may find yourself using words such as optimistic, energetic, popular, influential, fantastic mother, sympathetic, smart, witty and focused in your attempt.

Celeste quickly shot through the ranks, having joined us as an associate in George initially. A natural leader, she naturally gravitated to leadership. When the Team Leader opportunity presented itself recently, she was the obvious choice.

Celeste believes in the Keller Williams Values of God, Family, Business. It's clear that she absolutely adores her own family, but she also has a wonderful way with our associates.

She says, “Being part of a company that shares my personal values means that I can use this opportunity as Team Leader to grow our market share in the Garden Route and build a solid foundation for my children – my big WHY.”


Celeste started her real estate career back in 2005 when she joined a leading South African agency. An entrepreneur at heart, she found her calling in the business world.

She quips, “I have always believed in aligning myself with industry leaders because, as in my Mom's wise words: ‘A person becomes who they associate themselves with.' I’ve had the privilege of owning and managing three other companies since then, and found myself back in the property industry in 2018.”


As Team Leader of KW Eden with associates selling property across the whole of the Garden Route, Celeste's vision is to embrace and build a future according to a model that stood the test of time.

“Reading the Millionaire Real Estate Agent book is part of my daily routine, and I know that what I do daily is going to bring me back to my main goal: To live a life worth living and to leave a legacy my children can be proud of. I will achieve this by guiding our associates to grow themselves first and their businesses at the same time.”

She goes on, “Keller Williams provides an abundance of industry-leading technology, training, systems and support. Whether you prefer to be a solo agent or empire-builder, there will be a game plan and career trajectory for you at this company.”

Contact Celeste

To discover how you can launch your real estate business or, if you're already active in property, to lift your business to another level, contact Celeste for a friendly business consultation.

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