How much would I be paying?

Quickly and easily calculate how much your monthly repayment would be with our bond calculator.
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Bond calculator questions and help

What is the property value?

For the sake of this bond calculator, accept the purchase price of the property as its value.

Why is a deposit important?

Not only does paying a deposit directly reduce the monthly repayment amount, but it also makes your offer to the seller much stronger.

Why is the term important?

The number of years over which you repay the loan directly affects the monthly repayment amount. A longer period will reduce the monthly amount but it will cost you more in the long run.

Is the bond calculator accurate?

The monthly bond repayment calculator is a guideline only. If you decide to apply for a home loan, the bank will do their own credit and affordability assessment, which will have an influence on the numbers.

We recommend you get a no-obligation pre-approval before you start your house hunt.

How is the affordability calculated?

As a general guideline, your monthly repayment may not exceed 30% of your combined gross income, and it may also not exceed your monthly surplus income.