Become a 100% PLUS agent with the Disappearing Cap

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What would you do differently if you could keep 100% of your distributable commission earnings? How would your financial future change if you not only kept all of your commission earnings but could also generate an additional, separate and passive income stream at your estate agency? How would your increased income improve the decisions you get to make for your family and your dreams?

Shattering the old, stale business models of the South African property industry, Keller Williams Eden now provides our agents who are serious about boosting their income and building wealth a way of earning more than just the lion’s share.

We call it the Disappearing Cap Program.

What is a Disappearing Cap anyway?

We’ve already discussed the concept of capping in a previous blog post. Essentially, it means you do not have to pay more than R145,000* of your gross commission income to Keller Williams Eden in any particular year after joining us. We illustrated in the blog post how an agent producing a gross commission income of just over R480,000 will become a KW capper – earning the full distributable commission earnings on all her transactions that year after capping.

The Disappearing Cap takes this concept even further. It is based on the very first component of the Keller Williams Belief System: Win-win or no deal. We believe that KW associates who help us grow the KW Eden Market Centre deserve to be rewarded for their efforts. Associates who decide to become stakeholders in the success of the Market Centre by participating in the Disappearing Cap Program will improve their financial futures.

You only have to build on your existing relationships with non-KW agents who are interested in joining KW Eden.

By referring a non-KW agent to our Team Leader and influencing that agent to join the KW Eden Market Centre, a KW Eden associate can earn as much as a 25% reduction on her own cap in the next capping cycle. If the non-KW estate agent who joins us because of you is also a capper, i.e. a productive agent with a gross commission income production level of R483,333, your cap will be reduced by R36,250 in your next capping cycle. The great thing is, if you influence two cappers to our Team Leader and they join, your cap is reduced by 50%, or R72,500. So, to earn a 100% reduction of your cap, you just have to influence 4 cappers to join KW Eden.

Image of KW Eden Disappearing Cap Schema - How an estate agent can split zero cap to KW Eden

You might be doing the math and thinking, “What happens if I’m a rock star and influence more than 4 non-KW cappers to join KW Eden that year?” Simple, cappers 5 and onwards will count towards the reduction in your next capping cycle (in other words, the next year).

If a non-KW estate agent who joins us because of your influence does not actually cap, you will still get a 10% reduction of your cap in respect of that agent.

How can you take advantage of the Disappearing Cap Incentive?

The Keller Williams Disappearing Cap is now available to associates of Keller Williams Eden. Although our Market Centre is in George, we cover the entire Garden Route and Oudtshoorn, which include towns and areas like Mossel Bay, Hartenbos, Knysna, Wilderness, Sedgefield, Plettenberg Bay, Great Brak River, Albertinia, Gourits, Stilbaai, Riversdale and Heidelberg. If you’re an agent in one of these areas and you’re looking for more information, contact our Team Leader here.

Follow this 4-step process to take advantage of the Disappearing Cap:

  1. Simply build on your existing relationships to refer non-KW associates who are interested in joining KW Eden to our Team Leader as a “warm introduction”. You just tell a non-KW Eden agent who is interested in your success story how Keller Williams improved your business. If you come from contribution and are authentic in helping others, the program will be a good fit for you.
  2. The non-KW associate who decides to join KW Eden must nominate you as her sponsor on the Binding Sponsorship Agreement.
  3. Be sure that the agent you refer is either a capper (as described in this blog post) for a 25% reduction in your cap, or at least in production (but not a capper yet) for a 10% reduction in your cap.
  4. You will earn the 25% reduction in your cap in your first capping cycle after the agent you referred has paid the full cap amount to the Market Centre.

The Disappearing Cap is not for everybody

It’s important to note that your participation in Disappearing Cap program is entirely voluntary. It’s up to you and you alone if you want to participate. In fact, we recommend you check with your Operating Principal before you decide to proceed. You may choose not to participate or even withdraw your participation in the program at any time. If you don’t participate, it will involve no penalties or loss of benefits to which you are otherwise entitled to as a KW associate.

The Disappearing Cap Incentive is only aimed at KW associates who are actively seeking for further strategies to exponentially increase their income and build wealth. It’s for winners who want to win faster!

If you are interested in taking advantage of the benefits of the Disappearing Cap Program, contact any member of the leadership team of KW Eden today.

(*As at the time of publishing this post. This amount may be revised up or down annually.)

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