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Image of Reasons 8 to love KW Eden Garden Route (George, Mossel Bay, Knysna, Plettenberg Bay, Hartenbos, Wilderness)- Earn passive income with the Growth Share and Profit Share program

As an estate agent, there’s almost no better feeling than working hard on a transaction and finally receiving your well-earned commission.


At Keller Williams our associates have an unparalleled and unlimited opportunity to participate in the growth and productivity of their Market Centres, and to receive a financial reward for their efforts. As a Keller Williams associate you will obviously still receive your sales commissions – you are an agent at the largest estate agency in the world, after all – but you will also be able to earn a passive income on top of your commission earnings. Our associates tell us that is an even better feeling. We will let you be the judge.

And by “passive income”, we truly mean passive income. That’s why our co-founder and CEO, Gary Keller, calls the Growth Share and Profit Share program an equal opportunity but unequal reward system. For those who take advantage of the income-enhancing opportunities of the program, the results are life-changing.

Yes, it’s passive income over and above your sales commissions

Build wealth with the Growth Share and Profit Share program

In one of our previous posts we discussed the competitive commission splits and commission cap offered to associates by Keller Williams Eden. However, because we truly believe that our agents are the driving force in building the dominant real estate company in the Garden Route, we reward them financially even further when they help us grow. In the United States and Canada this is through Profit Share and in the rest of the world it is through Growth Share.

The Growth and Profit Share program is revolutionary because it creates an interdependent relationship between agents and their Market Centre. KW associates are treated like stakeholders. Associates who are instrumental in attracting productive agents to Keller Williams will be rewarded with passive, potentially long-term income without investing any capital. Secondly, although our agents do not assume financial, legal or management responsibilities, they are rewarded for growth with a portion of the revenue, as if they were owners. It means you can be a part of your company’s success, and you are rewarded through the Growth Sharing Plan.

Build wealth over and above your commission earnings

Gary Keller, explains, “We created a program that would treat our real estate sales associates like legitimate partners in the business. We created a program that allows associates to build a business inside a real estate company that is as powerful as if they owned the company themselves.”

Because that is how you treat your stakeholders.

How does it work?

It is simple! You just relate to and refer people who you believe would benefit from the income-earning potential, models and systems, training, technology or support to any Keller Williams Market Centre’s Team Leader.

So let’s imagine you have a friendly relationship with Hope, an agent who is not with Keller Williams yet. One day at an open hour Hope tells you that her business is in a bit of a rut. Listening to her talking about her challenges, you realize that her sales results will improve as soon as she gets the benefit of great training, technology and leadership support. You talk about your Keller Williams experience with Hope and recommends that she meets with your Team Leader.

The Team Leader will go through a thorough interview process with Hope to determine if joining Keller Williams is a win-win for her and the Market Centre. If Hope decides that Keller Williams is a fit for her, the Team Leader will do the actual recruiting if she is convinced that Hope will enjoy and be a fit for the Market Centre’s culture.

Growth Share

After joining Keller Williams, as Hope’s sponsor, Keller Williams will pay you a portion of the income earned by Keller Williams on every sale done by Hope. It is important to note that you will not be paid a portion of Hope’s sales commission. Instead, you will be rewarded by Keller Williams from its own revenue on each sale done by Hope. It is our way of saying thank you for playing a role in helping grow the KW Eden Market Centre in George with productive agents.

You will earn Growth Share when you sponsor a productive agent to any Market Centre in the world outside of North America. In other words, to get your unfair share of Growth Share, simply sponsor an agent to a Market Centre in South Africa.

Profit Share

If you sponsor an agent to a Keller Williams Market Centre in North America, you stand a chance to earn Profit Share. The owner of the Market Centre will share almost 50% of the profit of that Market Centre in the United States or Canada with KW associates who sponsored agents to that Market Centre. Associates who participate in the program truly share in the profit of the Market Centre without assuming any of the risks associated with ownership.

Go 7 levels deep

As the person most impactful on the recruit’s decision to join Keller Williams, Hope will name you as her sponsor. She is on your first level of recruits. After she has joined and if, by relating and referring, she is named by a new recruit, Ben, as his sponsor, Ben will go onto your second level. If Ben is instrumental in recruiting a third agent, Melanie, Melanie will be on your third level of recruits. You Growth Share tree can go seven levels deep.

How to grow your Growth Share potential

How is your Growth Share calculated?

Creating the dominant estate agency in the Garden Route by growing with productive agents is a win-win for KW Eden and our associates. It is also one of the reasons why we say that KW associates and the Market Centre are in an interdependent relationship.

So this is how your Growth Share earnings will be calculated.

This is how Growth Share is calculated

A life worth living and a legacy worth leaving

You will earn your Growth Share and Profit Share as soon as you sponsor productive agents to a Keller Williams Market Centre. Keller Williams South Africa pays the Growth Share into your bank account on a quarterly basis. Even though Keller Williams is currently still only in its sixth year in South Africa, we have already paid millions of Rands into our associates’ bank accounts.

Growth Share or Profit Share is real money that makes a real difference to our associates’ and their families’ lives. It pays school fees, it provides a back-up income during quieter months, it pays unexpected doctors bills, it enables our associates to help others, it pays for overseas trips to events like Family Reunion in the United States, and much more.

And we have not even mentioned the most amazing feature of the Growth and Profit Share program yet. Amazingly, after three years and one day, your right to receive your share of the “Gift” vests, which means that you’ll always receive it. If you retire or leave Keller Williams’ service, you will still get your payments from Keller Williams, provided you stay in contact with the Market Centre. You will even be able to bequeath this passive income stream to your surviving spouse or children in your will.

In an industry that is often plagued by insufficient retirement or worst-case scenario planning, that’s a life worth living and a legacy worth leaving.

Are you ready to earn your unfair share?

Why would Keller Williams offer this life-changing opportunity to our associates to share in the company’s income? Because we truly believe that together everyone achieves more. By helping you leave a legacy, you will help us grow.

If you want to investigate your opportunity to build wealth with the Growth Share and Profit Share program, contact us for a confidential discussion.

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