Learn more to earn more

Image of Reasons to love KW Eden Garden Route George Mossel Bay Knysna Plettenberg Bay Hartenbos 4 - Learning for earning's sake

Tap into to the property industry’s brightest minds and top estate agents at Keller Williams, a company described as a training and coaching company that also happens to be in the business of real estate. Our commitment to training and coaching you sets KW Eden apart.

Who controls your business data?

Image of Reasons to love KW Eden 3 - Control your data as estate agent

FNB recently made news using estate agents’ listings the bank got from Private Property to offer a direct selling service in competition with agents. What’s really going on and why was this only the beginning of the battle for your data?

Pay KW Eden no more than R145k. Keep the rest!

Image of Reasons to love KW Eden - Cap your commission split with us at R145k per year. The rest is yours that year!

Did you know that you don’t ever split more than R145k per year with Keller Williams Eden. Reach that amount and you cap. All the commission is yours on your other sales the rest of that year.