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What is the perfect personality type for the property business? What kind of person is best suited for a career in property? Do I have the right personality to make it in real estate?

We get these questions a lot.

People want to know that they are right for the property business. Considering how real estate agents are portrayed in the media, it’s easy to think that some people stand a better chance than others to make a success of the property business. On shows like Million Dollar Listing, the agents are flashy or suave or witty or funny and so forth. It’s enough to make one wonder if that’s how all estate agents are in real life.

So after a decade in real estate and working with many successful estate agents, here’s the considered answer to the questions above.


There is no one personality type that’s better suited to the property business than any other. Quite literally, anyone can do it. Not everyone will. Property is an equal opportunity, unequal outcome business. The 80/20-rule (also referred to as the Pareto Principle) applies in the real estate game also with the vast majority of business done by a successful minority of estate agents.

There are, however, certain things that provide a much better precursor to launching successful property businesses. Are you with a company that care enough about you to invest in your development through industry-leading, award-winning training, mentoring and coaching? Do you get insider’s access to cutting-edge technology and support? Are you part of a market-dominating team with more than 171,000 agents worldwide?

If you are, well done, you’ve obviously joined Keller Williams already. If not, why don’t you enter your details below to set up an exploratory business consultation with a member of our leadership team. There will be no pressure and no expectations; only solid ideas to get your property career going or improving.

In the meantime, discover your very own estate agent strengths and weaknesses with our free property profile report. Professionally developed for us by a leading South African industrial psychologist, it will reveal your property personality profile.

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